Sync OwnCloud contacts & calendar with Android

OwnCloud supports the open protocols CalDAV and CardDAV to share calendar and contact data between devices and applications. You can sync your Android device with your OwnCloud contacts and dates using the following apps:

  • DAVdroid from bitfireAT
  • CAdroid from bitfireAT (optional)

DAVdroid uses the native Android Account Manager to integrate CalDAV and CardDAV into an Android device.

1. Setup

We use a self-signed SSL certificate which has to be imported or trusted in your Android device (CAdroid). The following URLs are used:

2. Download

You find the apps in Google's Android store and in F-Droid:

The F-Droid store offers a free download. Choose Google Play to support the developers.

3. CAdroid - Import SSL certificate

Install and open CAdroid. Download the certificate for and follow the instructions to import the certificate into your Android device. Do not forget to delete/reinstall your certificate when it is expired!

4. DAVdroid - Setup calendar & address book

Install and open DAVdroid. You have to create two accounts: one for CalDAV and one for CardDAV. Choose "Login with URL and user name" or similar and setup the accounts for the URLs:

DAVdroid tries to find your address books and calendars which you can select. That's it! Now you can use the DAVdroid accounts in your contacts and calendar app and sync it via the native Android way.


  • OwnCloud: 7.0.2
  • Android: 4.1.2
  • DAVdroid: 0.6.8
  • CAdroid: 0.9.1
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